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Unite pupils nationwide through peaceful, fair and transparent elections that bring the principles of democracy to the school level and promote responsible citizenship.
Empowering the newly elected children’s representatives on skills relating to leadership, democratic practices and peaceful cultures with a keen focus on the pupils.
Serve as a motivation for the nurturing of young leaders who are well versed with the needs of the society.
Empower children to contribute to national education policy through the child-friendly schools initiative.
Adding value to the commendable effort by the government to safeguard future leadership and societies of this country.
Children’s Government seeks to sensitize the children on contemporary issues such as radicalization and recruitment of children in armed conflicts according to Children’s Act 2010

CAP.141 (2) “No child shall take part in hostilities or be recruited in armed conflicts, and where armed conflict occurs, respect for and protection and care of children shall be maintained in accordance with the law”.

Furthermore the platform also looks to impart national values, leadership and integrity and citizenship as prescribed in the Kenya Constitution.
Promote children’s rights nationwide by partnering with champion corporate