Recap of the 12th Annual Delegates Conference

Recap of the 12th Annual Delegates Conference held in Mombasa from 6th – 12th August 2016

The meeting was opened with prayers led by brother Babu and bishop Makimei

Philip Mitei, Deputy Secretary, KEPSHA convened the 12th ADC.

Shem Ndolo, National Chairman, KEPSHA welcomed all delegates to the conference and later introduced KEPSHA national officials.


Mr. Shem Ndolo KEPSHA National Chairman, KEPSHA
Philip Mitei,Deputy KEPSHA , National Secretary General










Introduction of National Children’s Government

2016/2017 NCG officials were introduced to the delegtes by Philip Mitei, KEPSHA Children’s Government Chairman

The 10 NCG officials were led by the president Heshbon Ngoche

Heshbon Ngoche, NCG President
The NCG officials









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